Can You Relocate With A Child After Divorce?

In Oregon family law, final divorce judgments are never written in stone. Many times a custodial parent must move with the child to a residence outside of the original court jurisdiction.

Either parent moving more than 60 miles away has to give reasonable written notice to the other party. If necessary, the other party can file a motion with the court to modify the child custody or visitation arrangements, if necessitated by the changed circumstances. It is part of Oregon divorce and family law that ensures the child’s best interests are considered.

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At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we represent either the custodial or noncustodial parent when a motion is filed to move a child more than 60 miles away from the original court’s jurisdiction. The relocation motion is a request to modify the original custody judgment and gives the noncustodial parent an opportunity to file a motion to challenge the move, as it may be against the best interests of the child.

Child relocation and custody law is complex and often involves several legal decisions. If you are in the process of considering a move with your child, or need to respond to a relocation motion, you need an experienced Oregon family law attorney to make sure that the child’s best interests remain at the heart of the issue.

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