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Use Mediation To Resolve Your Family Law Dispute

With more than 25 years of family law experience, dedicated lawyer Todd R. Worthley is immersed in the Oregon laws on child custody and parenting time. Our firm is exceptionally prepared to represent you in this and all other aspects of your divorce — or in a case where establishment of paternity or a challenge to paternity is necessary.

Whether you believe you and your divorcing spouse are in basic agreement about child custody and parenting time, or you anticipate a battle to assert your rights as a mother or father, we can help. We assist many divorcing men and women as well as unmarried parents — like our courts, with the focus on children’s best interests and involvement by both parents whenever possible.

We Offer Compassion And Real-World Insight To Your Child Custody Case

Hearing the experiences of others who have been through divorce with children can be enlightening, but it is very important to talk through your goals and concerns — including those involving child support — with an attorney who handles many cases in Portland area courts. For example, it is important to understand these general concepts:

  • Oregon courts prefer each parent to have as much parenting time as possible, except when extraordinary circumstances, such as domestic violence and restraining orders, mental health problems, or drug abuse prevent such an arrangement.
  • Our courts’ most common judgment is for primary legal residence with one parent and as much time as possible with the other. This is not the only achievable outcome, however, and we have been successful in obtaining positive results for many clients with diverse goals.
  • The courts will generally approve custody and parenting time arrangements to which the parents have already agreed.

Whether through direct negotiation or mediation, Mr. Worthley is adept at helping people avoid unnecessary, costly courtroom battles.

Strong Legal Support Through Tough Issues

Our law firm has been successful in achieving positive child custody outcomes for both mothers and fathers — often by developing parenting plans that account well for both parents’ work schedules, children’s activities and other critical factors. We also handle many modifications of judgments and child relocation cases.

For focused consideration and discussion of the issues specific to your case, please call the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley.

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If you are searching for a compassionate family law attorney who will take the time to explain how state laws apply to your case, and help you get through your legal matters confidently, please call us today!