Ensure Fair Treatment In Your Spousal Support Dispute

There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground on the issue of spousal support. For the spouse seeking alimony, it is often fair compensation for years out of the workplace while raising the kids and taking care of the home. For the person paying spousal support, it may seem like an unfair payment to an ex-spouse who appears to have every advantage in the job market.

At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we are compassionate and empathetic about our clients’ concerns. We are a professional, skillful family law practice that knows how Oregon family law is applied by the courts in such cases. We help our clients understand the issues, and we try to help all parties come to an agreement that every one can live with in the years following the divorce. If agreement cannot be reached, however, we will not hesitate to litigate the issue in court.

There Are Several Options For Spousal Support

Options for child support in Oregon include:

Transitional spousal support: Typically a time-limited monthly payment that is paid so the payee can finish an education or transition into the workplace.

Compensatory spousal support: Pays the ex-spouse back for the cost of any education and job skill schooling that was paid for during the marriage. Compensatory spousal support may be part of a signed prenuptial agreement.

Maintenance spousal support: Typically a long-term payment to a spouse who has spent their married life out of the workplace to support the family and home for the spouse who earned the income.

There are many legal issues involved in determining whether spousal support is warranted and for what length of time. If you are involved in a divorce that includes alimony issues or are hoping to modify an existing support judgment, hire an experienced attorney who understands all of the issues, including tax implications, cost of living allowances, what happens at retirement and other important legal considerations.

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